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"I bought a feeder feeder a few years back. And by the way I love it. I have fought cancer twice and cannot handle throwing bags of corn anymore and this machine makes it where I can feed out by myself! Thanks for making them."

Andy Ward

"Enjoyed talking with you today. Appreciate your information in solving our problem with the corn being blown out the top of the barrel when the barrel is almost filled. The feeder works better than expected. We have sixteen feeders and with all my help being in their 70s and me being the youngest at 65; it sure was a task taking care of our feeders. Now our oldest hunter doesn�t complain when we have to fill them. In fact he is the hopper operator and takes his role very seriously. We now fill our feeders in half the time and don�t need Bengay after we are done. Great product and would recommend it to all the folks and especially the folks in our generation. Thanks again for a great product. "

Carlo F. Ienna
San Antonio,Texas

"I used my SpeedFeed again on Sunday. Temperature was 95-100. Changed the gas with a fresh 50:1 mixture and it didn't die on me this time. It did sometimes make different high and low sounds when I had it wide open blowing feed like it was changing g ears instead of just one continuous sound.

I ran about 1200 lbs of corn and protein feed wide open for ten feet and it worked great. I didn't get a change to just run p rotein through it like we talked about because I couldn't reach the protein feeder with only 10 feet of PVC. It has a pen aro und it and I'll probably need another five feet of PVC or so. But I did mix protein 50/50 with corn and it blow through great .

Have you heard any news back from the customer you sold the other speedfeed jr. to? Just curious of how it worked out for the m.

Thanks again for your customer service, it makes all the difference it the world. "

Clayton Lindsey

"When you hear about something that sounds too good to be true, it usually is. But Capt. Andy's Speed Feed concept breaks the mold. Not only does the unit take the back-breaking work out of filling feeders, it also reduces the chances of costly accidents occurring. Never again will I climb a ladder with a 50-pound bag of corn or protein on my shoulder."

Matt Williams
Free Lance Outdoor Writer
Nacogdoches, Tx.


"Just a note expressing my approval of your speed feed device.I have two 3150 pound capacity spin feeders.Each time you fill them up,you are faced with handing up 126 fifty pound bags of feed 13 feet above the ground. needless to say this is a lot of work four times a year.Your speed feed device cut the labor by about 90 percent.Thanks alot. "

Michael McDonald

"The Speed Feed has done a good job in reducing the man power to fill three one thousand pound free choice protein feeders every three or four weeks. "

Charles Wiseman


In your September issue you ran an article on the Speed Feeder System designed and built by Andy Webb in Ocean Springs, Miss.

As your article pointed out, this system was designed and built for filling deer feeders on high stands with either corn or pe llets.

I contacted Capt.Andy and found him to be very personable and helpful so I ordered one of his systems. The service was great and every thing arrived as promised.

I usually do not endorse products until I test them. Let me tell you, this system works and works wonders. We have some twel ve (12) barrel feeders on our lease in Gillespie County near Fredricksburg, plus a 2 ton protein feeder. On the average, with the Speed Feeder, it takes about 4 to 5 minutes to fill one of these barrel feeders (when empty) with no labor at all. Not a s it used to be. The ease of operation is unbelievable. I would recommend this system without hesitation.

I enjoy Texas Fish & Game every month. This is the only outdoor magazine the deals mostly with Texas and it's many opportunit ies. Really get a kick out of Wilderness Trails by Herman Brune. Keep up the good work. "

H. Durwood Cochrum
Southlake, Texas


"Howdy Capt. Andy,

I have had a chance to use your speed feeder twice now using protein, corn and cat fish pellets. It does the job alot faster and safer than in the past by carrying sacks up a ladder. It really only requires one person now. I was also able to fill my cat fish feeders with a 30 ft pvc pipe, it was a bit slower but worked well. The only problem I saw was during protein filling, it creates a lot of dust, so I added a cutoff pants leg to the end of the pipe and now works just fine. I also added a wooden cover to the top of the feeder bin, to avoid the dust when it's almost empty. I also built a 2 by 4 box for the blower to sit on that is level with the feeder. I do believe your speed feeder is well worth the money and saves labor and will prevent costly accidents.

Thanks sooo much.

John Satterlee
San Antonio, Texas


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